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Aquaone Seafoods has processing facilities in  Tamil Nadu - Southern state of India . We take pride in being the first company in India to establish an array of fully integrated seafood processing plants. These plants utilize technologically advanced freezing and processing equipment such as IQF machines, plate freezers, blast freezers, tunnel freezers, and flake ice plants.

Our facilities adhere to strict hygiene policies as we have standardized quality measures across all our plants and processing units. This enables us to maintain a high quality standard and at the same time preserve the well being of our employees. Our facilities boast sophisticated water treatment plants which ensures that only the purest of ingredients are used to manufacture these products.

Our processing facilities are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment. We follow strict quality measures under the supervision of highly experienced and extensively trained employees. We monitor the whole process to ensure its compliance with international standards. 


  • Freezing capacity of over 250 MT per day

  • IQF Capacity of over 50 MT per day

  • Over 4,000 MT of Cold Storage Capacity

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