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We do fishing at major all coastal states in India 

  • Tamil Nadu

  • Andhra Pradesh

  •  Kerala

  • Gujarat

  •  West Bengal                                    


  • Arabian Sea -West

  • Indian Ocean -South

  • Bay of Bengal - East



Freshwater aquaculture accounts for nearly 55% of the total fish production in India.Aquaculture resources in India include 2.36 million hectares of ponds and tanks, 1.07 million hectares of beels, jheels and derelict waters plus in addition 0.12 million kilometers of canals, 3.15 million hectares of reservoirs and 0.72 million hectares of upland lakes that could be utilized for aquaculture purposes. Ponds and tanks are the prime resources for freshwater aquaculture in India. However, less than 10 percent of India's natural potential is used for aquaculture currently.

Aquaculter Products

  • Shrimps

  • Crabs

  • Tilapia

  • Sea Bass

An Ocean Of  SeaFoods

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