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The term “sustainable seafood” is a fairly new concept.  Up until the early 90’s, thinking sustainably in the Seafood Industry was kind of rare.  This is when various campaigns and movements began to inform the public about the exploitation of the world’s ecosystems.  Overfishing and environmental destruction was prevalent. General fishing practices were unregulated and nothing short of irresponsible. 


We strongly believe this will have a real impact in the marketplace, and ultimately in our waters. Creating more demand for seafood from sources that support healthy oceans puts us on course to improving fishing practices around the world.

However, the research shows that if we do in fact act responsibly, regulate heavily and think ahead, we can indeed correct our mistakes.  Since we have started to turn things around in the 90’s, fish populations are bouncing back.  Marine environments are recovering.  The public is also more aware than ever of the importance of choosing Sustainable Seafood. 

This is all great but we are not in the clear yet.  The industry has many holes and flaws to this day.  Much of the public is not informed correctly, which adds confusion.  Many of the fisheries around the world are not regulated properly yet. 


Good sustainable choices which Aquaone Seafoods carries are Black Cod, Crab, Pacific Halibut, shellfish such as Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Wild Salmon, Striped bass, Tilapia, Rainbow Trout, White Seabass, Lake Superior Whitefish, Barramundi, Farmed Redfish, Farm Raised Catfish, Squid, Steelhead Salmon, Pangasius (Basa/Swai), Spiny Lobsters, Maine Lobsters, Arctic Char, Swordfish, and Wild Yellowtail. Our goal is to do business with commercial fisheries that employ sustainable practices and ensure that harvesting practices fit within long-term resource conservation targets and sustainability goals.

We are heading in the right direction, but we have a lot of work to do.  Our company, Aquaone Seafood, strives not only provide Sustainable Seafood to the public of the India and overseas, but also to educate the masses on what information they can believe and use to make good decisions.  We intend to lead the sustainable seafood movement in India and beyond.

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